Wine and Spirit Barrels made the Traditional Way

SA WINE BARRELS (Pty) Ltd is a traditional cooperage that specialises in the manufacturer and supplier of French and American Oak fortified wine spirit and whiskey barrels.

Our cooperage is in South Africa’s Western Cape, and this enables us to supply winemakers, brewers and distillers around the world with premium quality products at remarkably low prices.

Key Features

  • Standard Range – 4.5ℓ, 9ℓ, 12ℓ, 16ℓ, 25ℓ, 50ℓ and 100ℓ
  • Whiskey and Fortified Wines Kegs – manufactured from American Oak Barrels
  • Wine, Cider, Beer, Rum and Spicy Liqueurs Kegs – made from French Oak Barrels
  • Customisation – We accommodate custom requirements and specifications
  • Traditional Cooperage – Kegs manufactured the traditional way. Staves are re-shaved by 2-3mm.
  • Materials – Staves sourced from South Africa, Europe and the USA.
  • Production Capacity – 200 barrels per month
  • Charred – Charred by Open Flame
Oak Barrels


  • Every stave is hand selected for optimum subtraction and quality.
  • Every keg is steam tested and checked to be perfectly watertight.
  • All kegs are manufactured to have 5-10% extra capacity.

Regions Supplied

  • Southern Africa
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • North America
  • Europe and the UK
  • UAE

Shipping Options

We are geared to manage the logistics of delivery to you.
We provide road freight, less than container load, full container load and ex-works shipping options to our South African customers, and FOB as well as EX- Works Shipping options to our international clients.

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