Distilling Kegs

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Distilling Kegs


French and American Oak barrels for ageing spirits and fortified wines.

Size Dimensions Weight
2ℓ 220mm x 130mm x 150mm 1.8Kg
3ℓ 235mm x 180mm x 200mm 2.5Kg
4.5ℓ 265mm x 175mm x 200mm 3Kg
6ℓ 297mm x 175mm x 200mm 3.2Kg
9ℓ 297mm x 175mm x 200mm 4Kg
12ℓ 350mm x 230mm x 260mm 5Kg
16ℓ 370mm x 240mm x 270mm 7Kg
25ℓ 470mm x 300mm x 340mm 13Kg
50ℓ 520mm x 415mm x 440mm 20Kg
100ℓ 800mm x 415mm x 500mm 35Kg

Kegs include:

  • Standard pine cradle or stand
  • Wooden bung
  • Medium toasted
  • Steam tested
  • In French or American oak