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Traditional cooperage manufacturing oak spirit and wine barrels, and bespoke wine barrel furniture and novelty items

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Wine and Spirit Barrels made the traditional way

SA WINE BARRELS PTY Ltd is an International Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of re-coopered French and American Oak wine and spirit barrels. We supply and ship across South Africa, and the World, direct from our Factory in the heart of South Africa’s wine region, Wellington in the Western Cape.

We are a traditional cooperage and produce world class products, handcrafted by expert artisan coopers. We are able to supply premium quality products at remarkably competitive prices, while we strive to always give dependable customer service.

Our focus is on the finer details and we ensure that every barrel is manufactured perfectly, to specification, to exceed customers’ standards. Prudently keeping our production within our capacity, focusing on Quality and not Quantity.

Quality Wine and Spirit Barrels for the Wine and Distiller Industries

SA Wine Barrels is a medium sized cooperage, able to produce 200 handcrafted, recoopered barrels comfortably per month. As a traditional cooperage, we do not use any automated machinery – every barrel is meticulously handmade using traditional methods and tools.  Our team of 15 artisans are overseen by our Head Cooper who has mastered the trade since the 1990s.

French and American Oak staves are sourced locally and abroad, with every stave, hand selected for optimum substraction and quality, before being re-shaved by 2-3mm. Every barrel is steam tested and tested to be perfectly water tight before wrapped and loaded for delivery.

For peace of mind, it is important to note that every barrel is manufactured to have 5-10% extra capacity and that extra barrels are dispatched with every shipment, negating any trepidation of embarrassing product failures.

Production capabilities

Available in French & American Oak

Barrels Built the Traditional Way

Available in 100ℓ, 50ℓ, 25ℓ, 9ℓ, 4.5ℓ and 2ℓ

Production of up to 200 Barrels per Month

Charred to Perfection by Open Flame and Steam Tested

Worldwide Shipping Options Available

Traditionally Coopered Barrels

Our standard range of re-coopered barrels includes; 4.5ℓ, 9ℓ, 12ℓ, 16ℓ, 25ℓ, 50ℓ and of course 100ℓ kegs. Our re-coopered barrels for Whiskey and Fortified Wines are remanufactured from re-coopered American Oak Bourbon Barrels, while our barrels for Wine, Cider, Beer, Rum and Spicy Liqueurs are remanufactured from French Oak Barrels.

Important! We are able accommodate custom requirements.

Supplementary Products

Oak Barrel Promotional Items, Wine Barrel Furniture & Wood Branding Irons

SA Wine Barrels (Pty) Ltd manufacture promotional items, wine barrel furniture and wood branding irons as supplementary products. Manufactured from the finest French and American oak, and to the highest quality standards by our artisan craftsmen.