Wholesale Used Wine, Whiskey & Brandy Barrels

If you are in the market for used French and American oak barrels you’re at the right place!

SA Wine Barrels PTY Ltd is an international leading wine barrel broker. We supply good quality used Red Wine, Whiskey, and Brandy barrels for recoopering, winemaking, ageing spirits and fortified wines, brewing beer, woodworking, furniture making, display and other purposes; sourced from distilleries and wineries located primarily in South Africas Winelands in the Western Cape.

Used Oak Barrels
Oak Barrel Planters

Full and Half Cut Oak Barrels For Planters

We provide the garden and landscaping industry with full and half cut oak barrels for planters. Half cut barrel planters provide a unique look to any garden or landscape and are the perfect decorative piece for around the home and garden. Oak barrel planters add character to any space.

Shipping Options

We are geared to handle all shipping hassles for you –  or we can assist you with Ex Works Shipping. We offer LCL container loads for clients that are in need of fewer quantities, but our standard container sizes are:

  • 20ft Container loads FOB/CIF
  • 40ft Container loads FOB/CIF

All our containers are fumigated with Methyl Bromide for a duration of 48 Hours, to comply with the international ISPM 15 Fumigation Regulations.

Just our way to make dealing with us hassle-free.

Countries Supplied

  • Southern Africa
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • North America
  • UAE
  • Europe and the UK.
Used Wine Barrels
Used Wine Barrels
Used Wine Barrels
Used Wine Barrels
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